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TMJ and Headaches

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction can Cause Headaches

Are you familiar with TMJ Disorder / Dysfunction, also known as TMD dysfunction? Many acquaint jaw pain and jaw clicking with the temporomandibular joint but this could also be the cause of headaches, too. At Beautiful Lake Ridge Smiles, we can help with TMJ disorder. Dr. Carlos G. Wiesse is well-versed in various TMJ treatment disorders and offers help to those in and around the Grand Prairie, TX area.

TMJ and Headaches

Your jaw position can impact your health and wellness in many ways. TMJ associated symptoms can include pain in the jaw, the ears, the neck, the head, and the back. Jaw pain can radiate up into the head and clenching your jaw, due to stress, could translate to a headache, too. If you’ve got headaches and think you may also have TMJ disorder, it’s worth investigating TMJ treatment options and migraine treatment. Treatment could help take away pain in the jaw, headaches, and other associated symptoms.

TMJ problems happen due to many issues, such as stress, accidents, grinding the teeth, heredity, and poor jaw alignment and Dr. Wiesse can tailor a treatment plan that suits your specific situation. Treatment can prevent and even eliminate problems related to your jaw, including headaches.

How Our Office Can Help You with TMJ/ TMD

Speak with our staff at our Grand Prairie dental office about TMJ treatment options. We can help with neuromuscular dentistry practices that can help you overcome head pain related to your jaw. We can help you benefit from diagnostic splints or night guards as well as dental work that can improve jaw position. We work with the latest proven techniques and technology and offer services in general dentistry, restorative dental work, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.

Learn more about TMJ/TMD treatment or talk to us about a consultation at 817-649-8888.

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